The path to personal contentment after trauma

Many individuals have had their dreams and hopes in life shattered by physical or emotional trauma. While healing is critically important (and Dr. Ziegler has explored this process in his previous books), this work explores ways of moving beyond healing in order to experience a truly fulfilling life. It takes a close, critical look at many of our beliefs about human limitations and offers an undeniable message of hope—hope for those individuals who have paid such a high price for past abuse and trauma, and hope for our future and the possibility of reaching both our individual and collective human potential. Beyond Healing is an invaluable guide to anyone who has personally experienced trauma or is attempting to help someone else who has. (See more)


Chapter 1: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit
Chapter 2: Healing Has Never Been Enough
Chapter 3: The Survivor Trap
Chapter 4: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Unhappiness
Chapter 5: Resiliency
Chapter 6: Optimism
Chapter 7: Physical Health – The Mind/Body Connection
Chapter 8: Personal Contentment Begins with Social Success
Chapter 9: Spiritual Health and Life Satisfaction
Chapter 10: Prescriptions for a Better Life