Academic Day Treatment

Jasper Mountain School is the residential educational program as well as the Academic Day Treatment Program of Jasper Mountain, an agency that specializes in working with children who have significant psychiatric and psychological disorders from kindergarten through eighth grade. Treatment and educational processes are fully integrated into the classroom setting so that each child’s ability to progress behaviorally and academically are simultaneously enhanced.


Jasper Mountain School exists to provide the best learning experience possible to the challenging children that the agency serves.

The school is registered through the Oregon Department of Education in three categories: registered private school, an alternative to public school, and a special education provider. It operates under a contract with Springfield School District #19 and is reviewed annually by Lane Educational Services District. The services coordinated through the school program include all appropriate educational services for either regular or special education and any related services involved in meeting each child’s individual educational and mental health needs.
As with all the programs of Jasper Mountain, the educational program is accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA)—a body which accredits social service organizations throughout the United States and Canada.
Children appropriate for this level of academic treatment include those who have been unresponsive to less intensive treatment with problem areas such as: a history of child abuse, behavioral and mood disorders, and aggressive and violent behaviors. For admission to the program, a child must demonstrate the need for psychological and/or behavioral interventions in conjunction with academics, which cannot be adequately met in the child’s current school setting. Children must be between the age of 5 and 13.
The school operates throughout the year. The terms run concurrent to a standard school calendar, but the schedule includes extended breaks between terms (approximately 3 weeks), as well as a summer term. Each school year includes over 190 school days, with six hours of instruction per day. Some treatment elements of the program occur outside of school hours.


Jasper Mountain School is coordinated academically by a licensed school administrator, with teachers certified in both regular and special education. The therapeutic components of the program are coordinated by a team of treatment staff, headed by the Jasper Mountain and SAFE Center Directors. Day to day, treatment staff coverage consists of at least one adult staff person for every three students in the program. Each student also may be assigned a therapist who will be responsible for individual mental health treatment and after-hours consultation with families.