Equestrian Program


The Equestrian Program at Jasper Mountain is a highly impactful therapeutic tool for the children. The Jasper campus sits on the side of a mountain in the midst of the Pacific Northwest where natural beauty abounds.

Not all the important therapeutic interventions at Jasper Mountain are done by humans. 

Day after day the program’s horses labor to help children learn trust, confidence, self-control and the respectful treatment of others.

The Equestrian Program is one of many ways that, while undergoing some of the most intensive psychological treatment anywhere, the children’s experience is more like a summer camp.

We have included horses in our program for over thirty five years.

Over this time, we have enhanced the Equestrian Program by building a wonderful indoor riding arena with excellent facilities to house our equine family.

The horses graze in their pasture and enjoy trail rides through the Jasper campus that covers more than 90 acres .


Our devoted equestrian staff care for and teach the children about the horses, provide riding lessons and facilitate annual horse shows. The events provide a great time for the children to show fellow residents, staff and guests the skills they have learned. Our equine family love the special attention they receive during the shows as well.

Our Equestrian staff enjoy spreading JOY in a number of ways, with the horses, staff and children alike.

Our horses take part in most holidays and followed our campus-wide mask mandate without a complaint.

(Disclaimer, mask just worn for photo.)