The Agency began in 1982 with the purchase of a large historic ranch with roots going back to the pioneering days of the Oregon Trail and Native American Indians before that. It was on this property, rich in history, that a new home for very special children was founded. The lush forest, complete with streams, two rivers and a thousand foot mountain are an encapsulation of the beauty of Oregon. The program was designed to give abused children a beautiful setting in which to heal and grow.
Jasper Mountain Center accepted its first child in 1982. From the beginning, the children who came to live at Jasper Mountain talked of physical and sexual abuse. The common denominator and the focus of the program has remained treating the young, abused child in a family setting, not an institution. The program has combined traditional psychological and psychiatric interventions with innovations in treating abused and emotionally disturbed children.

As patterns of behavior became better understood, the residential treatment program developed areas of clinical specialization. Nearly four decades of experience have produced effective treatment for the most challenging childhood disorders such as: traumatic stress, violence, sexual misbehavior, and attachment issues. The program has been both nationally & internationally recognized for innovative treatment in each of these areas.


Treating seriously abused children is essential, but more had to be done in the community to prevent this terrible problem. In 1983, a task force of community leaders considered the statistics, the complexity, and the magnitude of the child abuse problem in Lane County. The seventeen member task force saw only one viable solution: the creation of a new social service agency with a mission to eliminate child abuse. Springfield Child Abuse Resources opened an office in December of 1983.


Springfield Child Abuse Resources and Jasper Mountain remained separate agencies, working together, until their directors met in 1987 and developed a plan to merge into a single, comprehensive, child abuse agency, with treatment, prevention, education and residential programs. Jasper Mountain is the result of the merged agencies with new programs being developed over time. A full educational program began in 1989 (Jasper Mountain School); and a short-term evaluation center (SAFE Center) and a Therapeutic Foster Care Program started in 1995. A Day Treatment Program was developed in 1997. Community-based wraparound services, called the Village Program began in 2004. The newest program is the Crisis Response Program that began in 2005. Jasper Mountain has grown to become one of Oregon’s most significant efforts to treat child abuse and has grown to become a national and international resource for children.