Jasper Mountain

We take into consideration every aspect of the whole child. Children are immersed in a supportive “village” of adults and children who promote each other’s healing, growth and education in a beautiful and healthy setting.

We have the latest in psychiatric, psychological and educational approaches as well as a setting that involves the children in a working family farm.

There are horses the children care for, as well as physical activities that include: hiking, swimming, horseback riding, sports, and a jogging program, to name a few. Other activities include gardening, art, drama, and other expressive arts. National experts have called this enriched setting one-of-a-kind.


The program that Jasper Mountain is best known for is the psychiatric residential treatment program that is housed in what is referred to as the Children’s Castle.  The theme of this large facility was chosen by the children in the program in the mid-1980’s when residents asked for the new residence to be a Disney-style Castle. 

The building is in its 30th year of operation but was recently remodeled inside and out to add stone towers, flags and a drawbridge.  The interior was updated as well. 

Designed specifically for children who have experienced trauma, emotional and behavioral problems, the program combines relational treatment with helping children overcome their most challenging problems.  Dozens of therapeutic interventions are included with both evidence-based practices as well as approaches with practice-based evidence. 

Intensive therapy with psychiatrists, skilled therapists and direct care treatment staff are only a part of the program.  Equine therapy is offered to all children, the residents in the summer running program passed 2,000 miles in the most recent year (two miles per day average for every child).  The program provides the most intensive treatment in a summer camp style format. 


One of the unique parts of our program at Jasper Mountain Center is the use of gems to help polish the gem within each child.  The treatment staff recognize residents demonstrating positive behavior in five important areas.  The children receive positive recognition and can earn actual polished gems when they show proficiency in the five gemstone areas – Thinking Smart, Self-Love & Self-Care, Spiritual Health, Cooperation and Empathy

The gems are presented to the residents by the Board of Directors and when they graduate from the program, they leave with their earned gemstones.  The program has an additional component of having staff and children focus more on developing positive behaviors than simply correcting problem behaviors. 


A second residential program on the Jasper Campus is CRYSTAL CREEK.  This psychiatric residential treatment program is named after a creek on the property where the children find crystals.  Like at the Castle, the residents live in a unique building – this one shaped like a diamond.  Natural light flows throughout the building with partial glass floors between the first and second floors.

The focus of the program is preparing the children for a positive re-entry into a family as well as learning skills to succeed in the years ahead.  Both the Castle and Crystal Creek take advantage of the onsite school, train depot where psychiatric and psychological treatment takes place, equestrian center, gymnasium, playgrounds, running track and play field.


The Equestrian Program at Jasper Mountain is a highly impactful therapeutic tool for the children. CLICK below for more information. 


Jasper Mountain has developed interventions that have proven to be effective with problems such as: violent behaviors, sexual acting-out, emotional problems stemming from the effects of childhood trauma, fire-setting, serious difficulties attaching and bonding to others, and delayed social development. We have learned what works from experience and we implement new ideas continuously.


Improving serious behavior problems must be the first goal, but we do not stop there. We help children resolve the emotional and behavioral consequences of early trauma. Our integrated school specializes in how troubled children learn best, with a priority on weaving together each child’s educational and treatment plans. We focus on physical, psychological and spiritual health through a variety of approaches. Our goal is not just to resolve problems, but to prepare each child we serve for a successful future.


Jasper Mountain accepts both boys and girls ages 3 to 13. Most of these children have histories of abuse and neglect resulting in their inability to fit into a family in a positive manner. We address all types of serious emotional and behavioral problems. The program does not screen out any serious behaviors, but is not designed for children with the primary concern being chronic psychosis or significant developmental disabilities.

We form a partnership with families who define the goals of treatment. Families are encouraged to play an active role in all aspects of treatment and are asked to contact and visit their child often. For families who live out of our area, video conferencing is available and an on-site apartment is provided at no cost, so families can stay on the property for visits.
Located on more than 90 acres of beautiful Oregon forest, the program is twenty minutes from Eugene/Springfield. The property sits on the side of a mountain and includes streams, ponds and waterfalls at the confluence of two rivers. Although the area is rural, with natural scenic beauty all around, it is close to an urban area often named as one of the nation’s most livable communities, and is served by a major airport.