Parenting Skills & Therapy Interventions for the Most Difficult Children

This book, now in its second printing, is an accumulation of knowledge acquired from the thirty year career of a psychologist/foster parent, and the founder-director of Jasper Mountain. Dr. Dave Ziegler discusses the most difficult to manage children and he addresses two audiences: first he speaks to parents in plain English concerning what works with very difficult children, and second he offers to therapists ideas to help their important work with these children. This book does not address one or even several problems with children. Instead it covers all of the most common serious problems with difficult children and how these children usually have multiple problem areas. With practical examples and a sense of humor, the author provides a way to understand these children and more importantly how to help them and the families who care for them. The methods offered have a strong basis in theory and practice. Dave Ziegler has been a parent to hundreds of emotionally disturbed children and a therapist to thousands more. These methods have brought international attention to Jasper Mountain. Nearly every page has ideas to make you a better parent or therapist to the child no one knows how to reach.


Chapter 1: The Blueprint of the Human Brain
Chapter 2: The Role of the Brain in Adaptation
Chapter 3: Trauma and the Brain
Chapter 4: The Effects of Trauma on Perception and Internal Experience
Chapter 5: Trauma and Self-Perception
Chapter 6: How Traumatized Children Perceive Others
Chapter 7: The World View of traumatized Children
Chapter 8: From Neural Templates to Inner Working Models
Chapter 9: Four Case Examples–Understanding and Intervening
Chapter 10: The Primary Ingredients of Trauma Therapy